It’s time to change your conversions forever, with SchemaNinja in your Internet Marketing toolbox you cannot help but be successful.  If you don’t believe me then before we get started with this SchemaNinja review just take a look at these results!

Analytics Results Using SchemaNinja Installed

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The Review

Let’s begin with the basics of this new rank and review plugin.  When searching on Google, you will notice that some of your search results sit alongside star ratings.  Most of the time, the better the star ratings, the more traffic that particular website gets.  This works by reassuring the user that the search result is trustworthy – the better the star rating, the more legitimate the search result appears to be.  With so many internet security concerns at the moment, plus the plethora of advert-filled, pop-up ridden websites, these star ratings are worth their weight in gold.

So what has this plugin got to do with that?  Well the star ratings you see are also known as schema ratings.  Not only is the attention and trust drawn to these star ratings by the user, but Google itself has admitted that when writing their algorithm, schema ratings are considered in the process – simply put, if you use schema ratings, you will rank.  Schema ratings enable search engines like Google to get a better understanding of exactly what your site is about.  This is crucial when attempting to rank your site, as many people reading this review will know, even the difference between ranking 1st and 2nd in Google can literally be thousands of dollars a month.

SchemaNinja is a review plugin that can help you build more website traffic by calculating votes made by your current traffic.  It is a Rich Snippets plugin that enables websites to add ratings to their search results – making search engines more aware of its content and therefore rank the website higher within the SERPS.  With no technical experience required, this plugin can help all sorts of website owners, from amateur bloggers to the heavyweights of the online business world.


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Key Features

• Recommendation feature
The recommendation feature within the plugin helps you to create simple, clean and professional looking reviews for products.  With pros’ and cons’ lists on these recommendations, your readers can easily make their own minds up about the product that you are discussing by weighing up what you have put as either a positive or negative about the product.  This also helps recommendations remain unbiased, which is key to gaining the trust of your readers and as a result keeps them returning to your site time and time again.

• Button feature
Also included as an additional function alongside the recommendation feature, this is a button which can be linked to wherever your reviewed product can be bought.  For example, if you are recommending your own product, you can send them to the link where they can buy it from you, or perhaps if you are recommending a film, you can take the reader to a site which sells the film through the click of the button.

What Can It Do For You?

Whether you have been blogging online for years, or just started a new niche online business, the task of driving traffic to your site is not one that should be taken lightly, ranking effectively in Google can seem like a constant struggle, which depending on the keywords you are targeting can often be a long haul with positive results often taking a while to come your way.  Therefore any tool you can have in your arsenal to assist you or speed up the process should be seriously considered, and this plugin is exactly that.

Aiming to help everybody and anybody create income through working online, this plugin can go even further than that and create a passive income.  For a huge number of internet marketers passive income is the holy grail, and why wouldn’t it be, in fact one of the main purposes of this SchemaNinja review was to show that this plugin is a serious tool that can help you achieve that incredible goal.

Earning cash on autopilot can be achieved when your pages are marked, as this is what Google’s algorithm picks up.  The search engines results pages display more information about your website, which in turn will allow the search engines to know more about your online business or website.  Knowing more about you will increase your ranking, making your more prone to high traffic, high sales and high click through rates.

This is a plugin that looks to work for you as well as with you.  Though there are several similar plugins available through different hosts and different companies, SchemaNinja is the only plugin that features such a simple but effective recommendation system.

SchemaNinja Product Box

Advantages of Joining The Community

Customer support is also a huge part of this plugin, so even if you have troubles setting up or just general questions as you make your way to the top of the rankings, you are sure to receive a prompt response from the team. With the four main faces of the team available for you to talk to through Skype or Facebook, this community really makes you feel included in the process.


As a blogger, product reviewer or small online business owner, this product can help you grow bigger and achieve your ambitions when it comes to earning money online.  Make yourself stand out in the SERPS and transform your conversions with this plugin, from a team whose desire it is to see you succeed and earn a fantastic income.  Everybody wants to thrive within the internet marketing world and achieve the dream of working from anywhere at any time though with the amount of competition at present it is no easy task, however if you have the correct tools in your marketing toolbox you can stand out from the crowd and out rank the competition and SchemaNinja will help you do just that, the possibilities are endless, try it today.This concludes my SchemaNinja review, if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


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